Military / Union Discount

Online Special for any member of the Armed Services or any member of any union: 4 Sale Realty, Inc. will offer a 10% discount off of its Flat Fee MLS special to any member of the military (Veteran, Active, Reserve). Click HERE to learn about the program.*

*Must be mentioned at the initial order. Not retroactive

Jackie Grieshamer
Managing Broker / Owner 4 Sale Realty, Inc.
Phone: (630) 669-6830

Daniel Nierman
Managing Broker / Owner 4 Sale Realty Advantage, Inc.
Phone: 847.601.9359

We are now two independently owned and operated companies.

If you worked with Jackie
contact her at 630-669-6830,

If you worked with Dan
contact him at 847-601-9359,

All others leave a message
at 847-298-4663

Only available from mobile device.
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